Office cleanliness – how to improve productivity Office cleanliness is one of the major factors affecting employee productivity. The Association of Cleaning has been featured in the European Cleaning Journal with research regarding office environment and how it affects employees’ productivity. It turns out, the level of office cleanliness directly affects employees’ productivity. Apart from

British office workers wish for better office hygiene Office hygiene is more important than ever! A survey by a global hygiene company, SCA, examined 1000 UK office workers and their attitudes towards hygiene in the workplace. The results of the survey show that most office workers wished that the hygiene in their office was better.

How To Keep Communal Areas In The Office Constantly Clean If you are a business owner working from an office or you work in a building where you need to share a communal area, you know how hard it is to deal with the constant chaos – the dirty dishes, the neglected coffee machine and

How to Keep Your Office Smelling Nice With many people often working together in the same enclosed space for hours each day, it is easy to develop the “not-so-fresh” office odour. From a smelly lunch to the unpleasant odour of the waste bins, there are all sorts of aromas which can make your workplaces smell

Office Cleaning Checklist – The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist Everyone Needs Have you ever wanted a quick way to create your own office cleaning checklist? If you own business premises, you know how hard it is to keep the office spotless at all times. However, if you are organised and create a well-structured office cleaning

How to maintain your office clean at all times How to maintain your office clean?!? Now, that’s a challenge! Maintaining your office clean will ensure that your business premises look presentable at all times. It is so important to create a healthy and pleasant atmosphere for employees, customer and anyone who visits your business premises.

Office cleaning services can be the right cleaning solution for any business- big or small! Busy offices can become messy very quickly. In a world where competition is everywhere, it has never been more important to present your business premises in the best way. Employees will also appreciate a clean work environment. Office cleaning services