Best Secrets of Top Commercial Cleaning Companies Commercial cleaning companies specialise in making your business premises spotless, looking clean and smelling fresh. A clean office environment is essential for office workers. It reduced the sick days taken and it improves productivity. A professional commercial cleaning company also has the power to help you grow your

Top 5 ways a professional office cleaning company empowers your business Did you know that a large percentage of business owners spend time doing things which don’t contribute to their bottom line? Such activities take away from their efforts to focus on core business tasks which add real value to their business. Daily office cleaning

What to expect from your contract office cleaning company Contract office cleaning services are a convenient way to keep your business premises as clean as possible. Contract office cleaning is not only an effective way to maintain a clean office but an excellent way to motivate your employees to be more productive. If you are

Office cleaning – office floor cleaning tips Office cleaning, and floor cleaning in  particular, are often overlooked by business owners. However, dirty office floors can make any office space look less than inviting. Office visitors are likely to notice the dirty carpet or the dusty laminate and we all know that first impressions count. Making

Office dusting tips Office dusting is often overlooked. What people don’t realise is that the build-up of dust on office desks can be the cause of allergies and contribute to poor air quality. Worktop electronics such as computers, keyboards, phones and desktop fans are especially notorious for accumulating dust. Office dusting tips to make your

Clean office windows the eco way Clean office windows can brighten up your office like nothing else. Brighter office means a better work environment which can instantly translate into a higher productivity level for employees. We round up some of the best methods around designed to bring the shine back to your office. We even

Office cleanliness – how to improve productivity Office cleanliness is one of the major factors affecting employee productivity. The Association of Cleaning has been featured in the European Cleaning Journal with research regarding office environment and how it affects employees’ productivity. It turns out, the level of office cleanliness directly affects employees’ productivity. Apart from

British office workers wish for better office hygiene Office hygiene is more important than ever! A survey by a global hygiene company, SCA, examined 1000 UK office workers and their attitudes towards hygiene in the workplace. The results of the survey show that most office workers wished that the hygiene in their office was better.