Your 8 steps to a brighter premises

STEP 1 - your initial enquiry
Make your initial enquiry via our contact page or speak to one of our friendly team on 01482 646770. Alternatively you can receive an instant quote by clicking ‘here‘.
STEP 2 - a site visit
A member of our team will then visit your site to assess your requirements and draw up a detailed specification.
STEP 3 - decide on a start date
Once you have decided to proceed with the quotation provided, our team will confirm your proposed start date (this can be as quick as 1 week!) and you can sit back and relax! If you have a current cleaner that is eligible for a TUPE transfer we will make arrangements for this with your previous contractor (see TUPE details for more information).
STEP 4 - we deliver the stock
Once a start date has been confirmed we will arrange for your stock to be delivered prior to the contract commencement date.
STEP 5 - meet your cleaner
Your new cleaner will then be introduced to you with our area supervisor (any security details will be confirmed now) either the day before the start of the contract or on the day itself.
STEP 6 - receive double the amount of cleaning on your first clean for FREE
You will then receive double the amount of cleaning on your first clean for FREE!! This will allow your cleaner to make a good first impression on the building and ensure the standards can be kept on top of in the following weeks.
STEP 7 - visit from our client care team
Our client care team will email you following your first clean to introduce themselves and check you were happy with the standard of cleaning following the first clean. Our client care team will be your first point of contact, should you ever want to discuss your cleaning schedule.
STEP 8 - we keep checking that you are happy with the service
Our area supervisor will revisit your cleaner within their first week to check how they are getting on, and will subsequently audit the standards onsite every 4 weeks to ensure you are getting the very best service possible!