commercial cleaners

With so many different businesses within the cleaning industry, it can be hard to differentiate between the various contractors and find who the best company will be for your business! When deciding the time is right to find a cleaning company to take care of your cleaning requirements, all cleaning companies will vary on their offerings, price, and quality, therefore how can you tell who will provide you with the best service and value for money?

In order to help you make the right decision, here’s a list of questions you should ask potential cleaning contractors before making any final decisions:

  1. Do they specialise in commercial or domestic cleaning?

When looking for a cleaning contractor to clean your business premises, it is important to consider whether the company is familiar in cleaning commercial premises rather than just domestic households. There is a difference in the cleaning methods required when cleaning a commercial premises such as an office or factory setting. Are they familiar with colour coding? Do their staff sign confidentiality agreements? Are they familiar with key holding and setting commercial alarms etc?

  1. Do they have recommendations & testimonials?

The most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth recommendations. Make sure to ask the cleaning company to provide you with references you are able to contact, and check out testimonials and recommendations on their website, social media pages, Yell and Google.

  1. Do they have a website?

Any professional cleaning company will have a good looking and modern website. Look out for the following features which will prove to you that they can be trusted:

  • an office telephone number – not just a mobile number
  • links to social media profiles – this allows you to contact them directly
  • website pages detailing the services they provide – shows that they have thought about what they are doing
  • a contact form or ‘contact us’ page – shows that you can get in touch with the company
  • a full address that shows the location of the company – so you can write to them if you need to
  1. Do they have someone answering the phone throughout office hours?

Does the company have a local office telephone number that someone will answer throughout office hours? You want to be able to call the company at any reasonable time knowing that someone will be there to answer the call and help you with any potential issues or questions you may have.

  1. Do they have a physical office location local to you?

Are you able to find their office and walk into it if you had to? Is there a physical location you can meet at local to you? When you know that a cleaning company is local to you and has an office base that is easy to locate and not a home address, it can give you more peace of mind that they are a professional set up and easily contactable.

  1. Do they have uniforms for all their staff?

Are the cleaning team professional looking? Do they have uniforms and ID badges? Are they easily identifiable as cleaners from the company? You are looking for a professional company that you can trust.

  1. Can they supply you with the same cleaner each time?

In our experience as a cleaning company, we have found that the majority of clients are looking for consistency with their cleaner, and they would like to have the same cleaner on each visit. It is important to make sure that your cleaning company will ensure whenever possible that you have a dedicated cleaner for your site to helps to provide an overall consistent service.

  1. Do they have other cleaners available that can work if your cleaner is on holiday or is off work for any reason?

Of course, it’s not always going to be possible to have the same clear all the time. Find out if the cleaning company has a structure in place with other cleaning staff that can jump in at the last minute should any issues arise. What if your cleaner is off work or has annual leave booked? Make sure the cleaning company you are going to be working with has the ability to cope with volume and any problems that may arise – how many staff members do they have?

  1. Is there someone else you can speak to about potential issues?

We don’t particularly want to talk about the negative stuff, but the fact is that problems and issue may arise from time to time. Who would you speak to about these problems? Is there someone else in the business you can call? Is there a supervisor or owner that’s responsible and answerable for any actions the cleaning team do or do not make? Is there a formal process for providing feedback?

  1. Do they interview and induct their cleaners?

Believe it or not, not all cleaning companies interview their staff before sending them to a clients premises! Ask about their interview and screening process. Do their cleaners have previous cleaning experience? Do they have an induction process? Are cleaners offered training throughout their time with the company? All of these questions are important factors to consider when analysing a company’s commitment to their staff.

  1. How long have they been in business for?

It’s worth finding out how long the company have been in business for which will give you an indication of their success in the area and their overall experience as a cleaning company.

  1. Do they have relevant insurances and health and safety procedures?

It is important to know that your chosen cleaning company has the relevant insurance policies in place for peace of mind, in the unfortunate event that any incidences occur whilst the cleaner is present onsite. A knowledge of health and safety procedures such as emergency exits, fire procedures, what to do in the event of  a chemical spillage, and the importance of wet floor signs, are all important factors your cleaners should be aware of when commencing on a contract, especially where lone workers are involved.

  1. Do they provide all their own cleaning chemicals and equipment?

Find out what exactly is included within the provision of your service. Are all the relevant cleaning chemicals and equipment provided to complete the specification required? Do they provide COSHH sheets for the chemicals? Are the chemicals and equipment provided suitable for commercial use or are they domestic cleaning products? Is any electrical equipment PAT tested? Are separate cloths and mop heads provided for toilet areas and general cleaning areas to prevent cross contamination?

If answered, all the above questions should give you an insight into your chosen company’s professionalism and set up, and should give you a better indication into the type of service you should expect to receive from them. In our experience at Eco Brite Cleaning Services, you should always be able to rely on your cleaning company to provide a professional, efficient service, and should never underestimate the quality of service compared to price.