With Coronavirus now an epidemic across the world, naturally everyone has concerns for how best to protect themselves and their businesses from being affected by the disease. At Eco Brite we can now offer a service to all premises, to help minimise the risk of the spread of Coronavirus, called X Mist which is the use of the latest and most effective method of virus control.

 X mist is a powerful broad-spectrum germicide.  The product range is the most powerful airborne and all-surface sanitiser on the market today, and kills 99.9998% of germs and viruses.

The World Health Organization fully understand that the words “cleaning” and “disinfecting” are often referred to in the same context, however, they are actually two very different situations. Cleaning a surface with detergent will only move microscopic health hazards from one place to another (i.e. the cloth).  Disinfecting, sanitising and germ killing is entirely different. Rather than just moving germs around, X-Mist eliminates them.  When X-Mist is activated, it releases an ultrafine, disinfectant mist into a space that destroys bacteria and germs everywhere it settles. Secretions can be directly transferred into the mouths or noses of people who are nearby (within 2 metres) or could be inhaled into the lungs. Not only does X-Mist contain the government-stated recommended level of Ethanol to effectively reduce coronavirus infectivity, it has the benefit of added active agents, giving it the ability to take the log kill rate to a higher level than the ethanol alone (X-Mist is rated Log Kill 6).  These active agents enable X-Mist to last longer, so it remains active for up to 7 days on most surfaces. Although some disinfectant agents (including our own Virusafe product), effectively reduce coronavirus infectivity within 1 minute, once the surface is contacted again, it effectively is no longer protected.

Due to it’s high levels of ethanol, X-Mist helps kill airbourne and surface viruses and germs, delivering disinfectant to places that might otherwise be missed, overlooked or out of reach.  Please be aware that X-Mist cannot be used to kill the virus while it exists within the living body.

The X Mist can be provided for a cost of £60.00 + VAT per room* (*larger spaces may require 2 cannons of the mist. Additional charges may apply to businesses outside Hull & East Yorkshire). Any treated rooms can be back in use after just 1 hour.

Should you wish to arrange an X Mist service to your business, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 01482 646770 or email, and I will be happy to help. Please be aware that appointments can only be arranged on a first come first serve basis as we only have one specialist operative able to carry out the procedure, and as you can imagine, we expect the demand for this service to be very high.