office cleaning

With cold and flu season upon us, it’s time to think about how best to protect yourself against any bacteria and stop the germs spreading around your home and workplace. Your office is a key place for germs to spread so its important to follow these key steps to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and keeping your workspace clean!

  1. Wash your hands regularly! This may sound simple but the more often you wash your hands with an antibacterial hand soap, the less chance you are likely to pick up any germs from any frequently touched surfaces and objects such as door handles.
  2. Clean your desk top with multi-purpose cleaner to remove any dust and bacteria.
  3. Sanitise your keyboard, mouse and telephone… these are the most commonly used and important objects that can preserve germs on your desk… so don’t forget about them!! Santiser wipes are ideal to keep to hand and use as and when required.
  4. Cover your coughs and sneezes and avoid close contact with anyone who is feeling ill.

If your workload is too high to focus on keeping your office clean and germ free… why not call in the professionals? At Eco Brite Cleaning Services, our eco friendly cleaning products are sourced to ensure they provide the best protection against bacteria and viruses spreading. Our cleaning specifications make certain that no area is left untouched and you can rest assured that our service will help protect against those winter blues!