What happens when your cleaner goes on holiday?

As the Summer holidays are in full swing, many businesses face being short staffed whilst their employees take a well deserved rest, however this can mean the employees in the office are left to take on additional responsibilities.

But what happens when your cleaners have time off? Are you left to empty the bins at the end of the day, or do you have a commercial cleaning company that will arrange a suitable cover cleaner for you so that you can continue to receive a full cleaning service?

At Eco Brite Cleaning Services, one of our main benefits is our dedication to client care and our conscientious efforts to ensure our clients receive an uninterrupted cleaning service all year round. At Eco Brite Cleaning Services we always aim to provide dedicated cover cleaners in the event of your regular cleaning staff being off on annual leave. A consistent cleaning service is an important factor to consider for the smooth running of an efficient office environment, therefore can your business really  afford to let the cleaning standards slip during those summer months when the dust is more visible and bacteria from hay fever can spread?

The benefit of using Eco Brite’s cover cleaners is that all operatives are already experienced cleaners working for our company, therefore there are no agencies involved, and you can guarantee the same level of professional service as you would usually receive.  All our operatives are fully trained to use our environmentally friendly commercial cleaning products and understand our office cleaning procedures, therefore you can rest assured that you will always receive a high quality cleaning service throughout the full year.

If your business is currently without a cleaner… why not contact your local friendly commercial cleaning service Eco Brite Cleaning Services on 01482 646770 for a guaranteed cleaning service all year round!