Are you happy with your cleaner, but think your cleaning contractor doesn’t provide you with the right service?

Did you know that you can change cleaning provider but keep your current cleaning team under a regulation called TUPE?

In simple terms, TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) applies when a service provision change (such as cleaning) takes place, which protects the current operative’s employment unless an economical, technical or organisational reason requires a change in the workforce.

Here at Eco Brite, we take care of the full TUPE process for you. We have a lot of experience dealing with TUPE transfers and although some exemptions can apply, we make sure the process is as straight forward and simple as possible!

When using a cleaning contractor, it is important to know that behind every great cleaner, is a strong management team, providing your cleaner not only with the correct materials and equipment to complete the job, but also with support, encouragement and a sense of team spirit, which can be hard to achieve when most operatives are lone workers.

By using a professional and reliable cleaning company that you can trust, you can rest assured that your premises will be safe, secure and well managed in your absence, and that you will be welcomed at the start of your working day by a clean and inviting environment for you, your colleagues and your clients.