eco friendly cleaning

Let’s celebrate St Patricks Day with talking all things GREEN!!

As an eco friendly green cleaning team, we like to promote the benefits of going green, and with consumer interest in environmental awareness catching on quickly… why not be part of the movement?

There are many benefits to going green with your cleaning requirements, whether that be at home or your workplace. The most obvious benefit is the lower impact on the environment, helping to reduce water and air pollution, ozone depletion and reducing the effects on climate change. However some would argue that the most important benefit of going green is the impact it has on you and the people around you! By improving the air quality, green cleaning products create a healthier environment and lower any risks to health caused by hazardous toxins usually found in general cleaning products.

At Eco Brite Cleaning Services we ensure our cleaning service is as environmentally friendly as possible; from our cleaning products, to our supplier and delivery processes, we aim to provide a green cleaning service to all our clients.

Over 90% of the cleaning products we use are environmentally approved, yet still an effective antibacterial cleaning agent. Although some green cleaning services claim to use ionised water as an effective cleaning product, this does not have the power to kill germs and bacteria effectively. Due to the multipurpose nature and dilution rates of our environmentally friendly cleaning products,  our green cleaning service is economical as well as eco friendly making the overall service more cost effective for you as the client.

The cleaning standards we aim for, and the products we use have been recognised with the CLENSA Green Clean Scheme Accreditation and ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, therefore if you would like a certified eco friendly cleaning service to brighten up your office, contact Eco Brite Cleaning Services today to arrange your free no obligation quotation!