contract cleaners

Warning: You’re losing time and money by not using contract cleaners!

When it comes to cleaning your business premises, many people may assume that the cheaper option would be to employ a cleaner directly, however; if you find the right commercial cleaning contractor, they could essentially save you a lot of time and money!

You might be surprised to find out that contract cleaning can work out more cost effective than hiring someone in-house for minimum wage! It is worth considering that an in-house cleaner requires you to pay for sickness cover, holidays cover, possible maternity leave and National Insurance. Not to mention the additional cost of having to provide all the cleaning chemicals and equipment as well.

By using a contract cleaning company, all of these costs are taken care of!

Having a commercial cleaning company taking care of all of the above can actually save you and your business time! There’s no need to spend time ordering stock, processing wages, or even cleaning yourself whilst your cleaner is off! By using contract cleaners, it takes away the unnecessary hassle of managing your cleaning staff, arranging last minute cover when required and handling any recruitment or HR issues that may arise, which enables your business to run more efficiently.

Ultimately contract cleaners can ensure you peace of mind. A professional contract cleaning company will provide you with an experienced team, all the necessary chemicals and equipment, insurances and regularly monitored procedures to ensure you receive a full cleaning service, which allows you and your business the freedom to focus on what you do best!