Clean office windows the eco way

clean officve windows

Clean office windows can brighten up your office like nothing else. Brighter office means a better work environment which can instantly translate into a higher productivity level for employees.

We round up some of the best methods around designed to bring the shine back to your office. We even included some recipes for eco friendly window cleaning solutions so you can completely stop using harsh chemicals when cleaning the office.

Recycle unwanted newspapers

You might be surprised, but newspaper is even better than a cloth when cleaning the windows. Spray the windows with a cleaner of your choice (we recommend an eco friendly solution from the ones below), scrunch newspaper into a ball shape and wipe down the window. You will be surprised at how fast the paper absorbs the liquid. This window cleaning method is another great way to recycle unused newspapers.

Strong white vinegar

Using strong white vinegar in your window cleaning solution has been a popular method to effectively clean windows. Many eco friendly window cleaning solutions  use white vinegar as an ingredient. This is because vinegar fights grease and dirt effectively. If you don’t want the vinegary smell, just use distilled vinegar in your window cleaning solution.

Soapy water

Soap and water is an alternative to the white vinegar window cleaning solution. It is just as easy to prepare and experts claim that it does an even better job than white vinegar. It is a popular method among people who are scared that using vinegar will add an unpleasant smell to their window cleaning solution.

Lemon and vinegar  

If you want to take the vinegar and water solution to a new level, try this easy lemony window cleaning solution: use the juice of 1 fresh lemon, add distilled white vinegar and some water to create an eco friendly window cleaning solution. The lemon adds a great aroma while the vinegar can fight the toughest  grease.

If cleaning your office windows sounds like too much work, we can help. Eco Brite supports new customers by giving them two special reasons to see how we help them. We introduced “Double your dusting” offer which provides double the amount of cleaning for your first clean so we can make a huge impact on your business from the very first time our operatives clean your business. In addition, we offer new clients 25% off their first consumables order.

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