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Cleaning contrator Hull – how to choose the best cleaning contractors for your business

Choosing the right office and commercial cleaning contractor is crucial for any business which needs to make sure that their business premises are always presentable. A clean office creates a great first impression for all your stakeholders – from the your customers who visit you every day to the suppliers who may also visit your warehouse.

A clean office has the power to make employees much more productive so creating a clean office environment for all stakeholders of your business is always a winning strategy.

What should I expect from my cleaning contractors?

There are a number of factors which you may want to consider when choosing your cleaning contractors:

Pay only for the hours cleaning your premises

No matter how big or small your business premises, you want to make sure that you pay only for the hours spent cleaning your premises. Knowing exactly what you pay for is vital to make sure you receive a good value for money.

No billing surprises

Accurate billing is very important for any business. It allows businesses to plan their expenditure. No one likes unpleasant surprises so make sure that your cleaning contractors give you a clear indication of the costs involved.

The right accreditations

You need to make sure that your cleaning contractors are accredited by the right organisations so they act according to the highest standards. A cleaning company which holds the right accreditations is more likely to deliver high quality services.

Trained staff in your industry

A good cleaning contractor will send cleaners who have been trained in your industry. Health and safety policies are important and your cleaning contractor will make sure that the cleaners looking after your property are trained in your specific industry.

Advice and support

A cleaning contractor with experience in many industries will be able to give relevant advice on the best practices and how often different rooms need to be cleaned and maintained. Providing cost saving solutions and advice is another factor to consider when choosing your next cleaning contractor.

Providing eco friendly solutions

Eco friendly cleaning has a number of benefits – it provides a healthier working environment meaning better productivity and less sick days taken. It allows you to look after your fixtures and fittings better because eco friendly cleaning products are not as harsh. In many cases using eco friendly cleaning solutions doesn’t cost more than using harsh chemicals.

Here are Eco Brite we have over 25 years of experience providing cleaning services to businesses from all industries and sizes. We have 11 relevant accreditations allowing us to always send trained and experienced cleaners who will always provide the highest level of cleaning services. We can give advice and a bespoke quote to any business looking for a new cleaning contractor.

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