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What to expect from your contract office cleaning company

Contract office cleaning services are a convenient way to keep your business premises as clean as possible. Contract office cleaning is not only an effective way to maintain a clean office but an excellent way to motivate your employees to be more productive.

If you are thinking about bringing in a contract office cleaning company, you might be wondering – what expectations should I have from a professional cleaning company?

Top 5 expectations from a contract office cleaning company

#1 Cleaning products

A contract office cleaning company will make sure that they provide the cleaning products which are suitable for your needs and your business premises. As a green cleaning company, Eco Brite offers environmentally friendly cleaning products which will not only keep your office clean but it will also make sure the office environment is healthier for your employees.

#2 Flexibility

Business owners need a contract office cleaning company which can deliver services according to their operational hours. Many businesses have different needs, outside office hours, and a good contract cleaning company should be able to accommodate these needs.

#3 Trained, trusted and experienced cleaners

Bringing in a contract office cleaning company means that you will allow cleaners to enter your business premises. You need to trust your commercial cleaning company that they have vetted and trained their staff appropriately. This way you’ll have a peace of mind when allowing cleaners in your office.

Sending trained cleaners who know how to do their work according to your health and safety regulations is vital and it is something you should expect from a professional contract office cleaning company.

#4 Expertise

A contract office cleaning company should be accredited to a high standard. It’s important to know that your office cleaning partner is aware of all the regulations and provides the highest standards in your industry.

Every business is different so you should choose a cleaning company which has experience working in your industry. This way they will be able to give you advice based on your unique business needs. Knowing your industry will help them come up with the most cost effective and efficient cleaning solutions.

#5 Testimonials and reviews

A professional contract office cleaning company will have good reputation. Look at their website and see if you can spot reviews and feedback from their current customers. Good customer feedback means that the company delivers great quality services consistently.

Here are Eco Brite we have over 25 years of experience providing cleaning services to businesses from all industries and sizes. We have 11 relevant accreditations allowing us to always send trained and experienced cleaners who will always provide the highest level of cleaning services. We can give advice and a bespoke quote to any business looking for a new cleaning contractor.

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