Office cleanliness – how to improve productivity

Office cleanliness is one of the major factors affecting employee productivity. The Association of Cleaning has been featured in the European Cleaning Journal with research regarding office environment and how it affects employees’ productivity. It turns out, the level of office cleanliness directly affects employees’ productivity.

Office cleanliness

Apart from better productivity, a cleaner office also results in a better general satisfaction of the workers. Office cleanliness has been chosen as one of the ways to improve staff retention and deliver a huge benefit for everyone working in the business premises.

Office cleanliness and productivity – what does this mean for businesses?

A happier, more productive employee will be more willing to do a better job, resulting in a range of benefits for the business. The research showed that women are pickier than men when it comes to how clean the office is, so offices with more female employees can really benefit from keeping the office clean in order to ensure employees are happy and productive.

Should businesses care about  office cleanliness and productivity?

Every business owner should aim to improve the ways employees work – from providing a better work environment to ensuring a higher productivity rate, a clean office helps by making sure you get the best of your employees. Getting the best of your employees, who are your greatest asset, is vital and it contributes tremendously to your bottom line.

Key statistics to take into account:

Office cleanliness may not seem like a big deal, but here are some statistics to make you reconsider the way you keep your office clean:

How do you find a commercial cleaning company to improve employee productivity?

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