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Top 5 ways a professional office cleaning company empowers your business

Did you know that a large percentage of business owners spend time doing things which don’t contribute to their bottom line? Such activities take away from their efforts to focus on core business tasks which add real value to their business.

Daily office cleaning should never be something that takes too much time and effort from the employer or the employees. If you are a business owner, hiring a professional office cleaning company to take care of your office cleaning needs can help you save money, enjoy more free time and add value to your business while meeting all health and safety regulations.

Benefits of hiring a professional office cleaning company

A great first impression

Your office is not only a place where you and your employees work. It is also a place where you meet suppliers, customers and potentially a range of other professionals who are part of your company’s stakeholders. First impressions count when it comes to your business reputation. Walking in a clean office which smells freshly cleaned and inviting will give the right impression exactly when it means the most.

Focus on growing your business

Yes, hiring a professional office cleaning company can increase your profitability. Why? Because the staff and the business owner can focus on essential business tasks which bring huge value to the business. Growing a business requires you to spend time on activities which add to the bottom line. In addition, hiring a professional office cleaning company can save you money in the long run by allowing you to grow and thrive.

Enhanced job satisfaction

The Association of Cleaning has been featured in the European Cleaning Journal with research regarding office environment. The research found out that a cleaner office makes employee more engaged, it allows them to socialise more and helps them become more productive. Hiring a professional office cleaning company to take care of your business cleaning needs means that you not only grow your business, you can improve your employees job satisfaction and retention rate.

Less money paid for sick leave

Professional office cleaning is not always appreciated as something which adds a significant value to a business. However, sick days cost UK businesses a staggering £29 Billion a year! Poor office hygiene is one of the main factors for taking sick days. In addition, unplanned sick days cause businesses a decrease in productivity by 54% and a decrease in sales and customer service by 39%.

Bring experience and expertise

By choosing to hire a professional office cleaning company for your daily cleaning, you know you can expect the very highest standards of cleanliness. Health and safety standards will be met and you won’t have to worry if the person who cleans the toilets knows how to properly sanitise the washing facilities. A professional office cleaning company will be able to offer better alternatives for your business, such as eco cleaning products or any other tips which may benefit the way you run your business.

If you consider any of the benefits above as something you want for your business, it’s time to consider hiring a commercial cleaning company. Here at Eco Brite we have over 25 years of experience looking after our clients’ office cleaning needs. We know how to recommend the best strategies so you have the time and money to keep growing your business.

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