Hiring commercial cleaners – how do you make sure they do a good job?

Hiring commercial cleaners is a great way to ensure that your office is sparkling clean at all times. If you have invested in hiring a commercial cleaning company, you may want to check if they are offering the best value for money. So how do you decide if your current cleaning company is doing a good job?

Commercial cleaners

Here is our quick checklist to see if your commercial cleaners are delivering a high standard of cleaning for your business.

  1. Time management

Coming to clean your office in the time frame you agreed is a good indication of whether you receive a service which suits your business. Do they complete all the work that needs to be done for that day or do they sign off before they check if all the work is done to a high standard? Overall, are you happy with your commercial cleaners  sticking to the agreed cleaning schedule? Do you know what will happen when your cleaner is on holiday?

  1. Cleaning standards

It is vital that you are happy with the standards provided by your commercial cleaners. This way you feel like you get a great value for money. Sometimes your cleaning partners may slip and get lazy so it’s important to keep an eye on the way they deliver their services.

  1. Personal touch

Did you manage to create a good relationship with your regular cleaner? Do you feel like you can trust your commercial cleaners? Have you ever had an issue with your cleaning company which you felt unable to address or solve? A professional cleaning company will ensure that your business needs are met on all occasions.

  1. Professional certifications

With so many rules regarding office hygiene, is it important that you choose commercial cleaners who are certified and take the responsibility to train their staff. You want your cleaner to be experienced and trained so you receive the best service from an expert cleaning partner.

Eco Brite is a commercial cleaning company with over 25 years experience in the cleaning industry. All of our cleaners are trained and experienced. If you want to see how we can provide a better value for your business than your current cleaning supplier, just send us a quick quote request and we’ll send you bespoke information on how we can help your business.

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