British office workers wish for better office hygiene

Office hygiene is more important than ever! A survey by a global hygiene company, SCA, examined 1000 UK office workers and their attitudes towards hygiene in the workplace. The results of the survey show that most office workers wished that the hygiene in their office was better.

office hygiene

It is surprising then that only 16% of employers in the UK provide hygiene training for their staff. Educating employees on the best way to handle office hygiene can be a great way to make employees aware of how they can contribute to a healthier office environment.

Did you know that there are a number of health issues associated with bad office hygiene?

While some people associate better office hygiene with a cleaner office environment, some Brits believe that cleaner office means better health for everyone.

These are some of the ways a poor office hygiene can cause health issues for employees:

  1. Taking days off due to health problems
  2. Diarrhoea which causes employees to leave work earlier
  3. Food poisoning as a result of poor kitchen conditions
  4. Problems with allergies and skin conditions

So, what can companies do to deal with poor office hygiene?

Educate the staff

One of the things every company can do is to make employees aware of the importance of office hygiene. Individual hygiene habits play a huge role and the more educated people are, the better they will understand why a high standard of hygiene is vital for the office.

Hire a professional commercial cleaning company

Another great idea is to hire a professional commercial cleaning company. An expert cleaning company will make sure that your office is clean and sanitised, meaning that bad bacteria will be eliminated. Disinfecting surfaces is not always straight forward, especially if you need to choose the right cleaning products.

As an expert in the commercial cleaning industry, Eco Brite can help you choose the best cleaning products which take into account your business requirements. We will also give you advice on how to keep the office hygiene in a way which doesn’t compromise your workers’ health. Get a quick commercial cleaning quote and let’s make your office a more pleasant (and much cleaner) place!

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