keep office smelling nice

How to Keep Your Office Smelling Nice

With many people often working together in the same enclosed space for hours each day, it is easy to develop the “not-so-fresh” office odour. From a smelly lunch to the unpleasant odour of the waste bins, there are all sorts of aromas which can make your workplaces smell unpleasant.

Did you know that unpleasant smell can affect office workers in a negative way, especially if they suffer with stress and anxiety? Just one of the reasons to keep your office smelling fresh and clean at all times.

Keep Your Office Smelling Nice – Top 3 tips

Here are our top 3 tips on how to keep your office smell fresh and clean so everyone can enjoy a healthy and pleasant office environment.

Open the windows regularly

There is nothing more refreshing than the smell of fresh air in the office. Very often the air in office buildings is stale and dry. Fresh air will not only get rid of any smells, but it will also make the air much healthier.

Make sure the bathrooms are disinfected properly

Have you noticed how the bathroom facilities start to smell when they haven’t been cleaned properly? Make sure that you clean them on a daily basis and you also deep clean them on a weekly basis. The build-up of bacteria can make these facilities spread unpleasant odours in the building.

Make a bowl of potpourri

If you want to keep your office smelling nice and keep it as healthy as possible, you can create your own bowl of organic potpourri. The smell is normally organic, gentle and non-offensive; definitely not as strong as some cheap smelling air fresheners. A bowl of potpourri is a great option if you want to give your office that touch if freshness.

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