Maintain Your Office Clean

How to maintain your office clean at all times

How to maintain your office clean?!? Now, that’s a challenge! Maintaining your office clean will ensure that your business premises look presentable at all times. It is so important to create a healthy and pleasant atmosphere for employees, customer and anyone who visits your business premises. Research shows that cleaner office equals higher employee productivity!

Tip 1: Clean as you go

Imagine how effective it would be if every office worker would clean after themselves. Do you have employees who use the kitchen and leave it messy? If every employee cleans after using the facilities and leaves every office area as clean as they found it, maintaining the office clean and tidy would be easy and efficient.

Tip 2: Sanitise desk space at least once a week

Disinfecting every work area will make sure germs are not spreading and can even get rid of unpleasant smells. It is important that your office is clean but also healthy. A healthy office environment reduces the number of sick days taken so a clean office is vital to support your best asset – your employees!

Tip 3: Avoid dust buildup on monitors

Every desk should have a cloth, specially designed for cleaning monitors. This way employees can easily use it to gently clean their devices. This way cleaning dust builtup from devices can be managed effectively.

Tip 4: Declutter every desk on regular basis

It’s easy to leave desks get messy with random papers left aside, old coffee mugs and food. However, if everyone only keeps their desk essentials on top and puts the clutter away, desks will look presentable at all times.

Tip 5: Clean the bins

Overflowing bins are not only smelly but they make the office look untidy. Make sure there is a designated person to clean the bins on a daily basis so you can enjoy a clean office which smells fresh at all times, too.

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