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Office Cleaning Checklist – The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist Everyone Needs

Have you ever wanted a quick way to create your own office cleaning checklist? If you own business premises, you know how hard it is to keep the office spotless at all times. However, if you are organised and create a well-structured office cleaning schedule, this will make a huge difference in how clean your office is on a daily basis. Don’t forget that your office will not only look better but it will even reduce the sick days taken. Sick leave costs UK employers £29bn a year!

The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist

Daily office cleaning tasks

There is nothing like the fresh and welcoming feel of a clean office. The daily tasks below will help you to keep your office looking tidy and presentable on a daily basis:

  • Keep all the desks clutter-free
  • Clean and disinfect empty waste & recycling bins
  • Any food preparation and eating areas should be cleaned at all times
  • All floors and carpets should look dirt-free
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the dust from computer monitors and other surfaces
  • If you have any hard flooring areas, make sure they are mopped
  • Clean and disinfect the office bathroom facilities

Weekly office cleaning tasks

There are a range of cleaning tasks which require a bit more time than your daily cleaning routine. They will ensure that all areas are left looking clean, not just the areas which are cleaned on a daily basis.

  • If you have any glass or mirrored surfaces, you need to wipe them clean.
  • Any painted surfaces which require cleaning should also be cleaned
  • Window cleaning (if possible)
  • Deep cleaning of the bathroom facilities and refilling the soap dispensers
  • Deep cleaning of the kitchen and any other food preparation areas
  • Cleaning the communal fridge

Monthly office cleaning tasks

These tasks are the type of office cleaning duties which are “small tasks” but can make a huge difference in how clean your office looks. Such office cleaning duties include:

  • Dusting the office, including any areas which are not cleaned on a daily basis
  • Vacuum cleaning any chairs
  • Deep cleaning carpets in high traffic areas
  • Polishing and maintaining any wooden floors and furniture

Keeping the office clean and tidy at all times takes time and skills. We hope this office cleaning checklist helps you with keeping your business premises clean and tidy. We are a commercial cleaning company based in Hull.

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