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Office cleaning – office floor cleaning tips

Office cleaning, and floor cleaning in  particular, are often overlooked by business owners. However, dirty office floors can make any office space look less than inviting. Office visitors are likely to notice the dirty carpet or the dusty laminate and we all know that first impressions count.

Making sure that your office floor looks clean is an important task. It’s not easy to achieve spotless floors at all times within the building when it’s raining outside or the carpet is a light colour which shows every little stain.

Here are some recommendations on cleaning different type of office floors:

Office cleaning tips: cleaning office carpets

Carpets in high traffic areas are notorious for looking less than presentable at the end of every day. A good vacuum clean twice a week is enough for some offices to help keep debris and dirt from building up. However, maintaining the carpets clean sometimes needs to be a daily job, depending on where they are in the office.

A monthly carpet deep clean is essential to keeping the office carpets presentable at all times.

Office cleaning tips: cleaning laminate office flooring

Laminate flooring is a great option for many offices because it is a low maintenance solution. The downside is that laminate flooring can show signs of damage and use quickly without regular care.

Daily sweep is often enough to keep the laminate floors clean. However, the surface can be easily scratched so care should be taken when moving large objects.

A weekly mopping can be beneficial for that extra floor shine.

Office cleaning tips: cleaning wooden office floors

Wooden floors are very durable. If you look after them, they should last for decades. They are a very stylish office floor choice, although their maintenance is not as easy as other type of flooring.

Regular floor sweeping, which avoids scratching caused by large debris is enough for day-to-day cleaning.

Weekly mopping is highly recommended to cut down on dust and remove any more stubborn mess which may have accumulated.

Although wooden floors in offices are meant to last a long time, they do show signs of scratching and fading. Re-varnishing can be a great option. How to re-varnish wooden floors

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