Office cleaning tips: how to clean and maintain the office microwave effectively

Are you looking for some office cleaning tips so you can maintain your office as clean as possible? If so, here we offer you some tips on how to maintain your office microwave effectively.

The office microwave is probably the type of kitchen appliance which often gets neglected by everyone in the office. However, cleaning and maintaining the office microwave doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. In addition, keeping this office appliance clean will keep the employees stay happy, enforce good health & safety, and ensure that your place of work looks clean and tidy. Read our office cleaning tips and get ideas on how you can maintain your office clean and fresh every day. Cleaner office equals better productivity!

office cleaning tips

Here are our top 3 office cleaning tips on how to easily clean and maintain the cleanness of the office microwave:

#1 Clean after every use

It is really important for all employees to know that they are responsible for cleaning after themselves. It is especially important to clean any liquids and get rid of “heavy” smells such as curry or fish. Cleaning the office microwave after every use is an effective way to ensure the office kitchen looks tidy and smells fresh.

#2 Leave the cleaning products visible for everyone

Make it easier for everyone in the office to find the cleaning products used to clean the microwave. Leave a clean cloth and a cleaning spray next to the microwave so everyone knows that they are meant to be used for the cleaning of the microwave.

If a clean cloth and cleaning spray are right there, ready to hand, it will be far easier for staff and kitchen users to clean up after themselves. No more excuses not to clean the office microwave after every use.

#3 Deep clean regularly

Depending on how big your office is and how often your employees use the microwave, you need to make sure that the office microwave is cleaned properly every month. Some people use the steam cleaning method. This method includes a bowl three quarters full of water, lemon juice and lemon slices in the microwave. Set the power to high for five minutes and allow the bowl to steam within. Wiping down the interior with a soft paper towel will be really easy after that. It is also a great eco way to clean your office microwave.

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