How To Keep Communal Areas In The Office Constantly Clean

office constantly clean

If you are a business owner working from an office or you work in a building where you need to share a communal area, you know how hard it is to deal with the constant chaos – the dirty dishes, the neglected coffee machine and the shabby looking microwave – not a pretty sight. Plus, the cleaner the office, the better employees feel and their productivity gets higher leading to a range of benefits for businesses!

In 2010, the OfficeTeam conducted a study which revealed that as many as 44% of workers believe that cleaning someone else’s mess is one of their most hated office duties. ¬†

A messy communal area in the office is something to be handled with care. A dirty communal area means employees are miserable and less likely to pull their weight at work.

So, here are our tips on keeping the communal area in the office much cleaner.

  1. Keep the office constantly clean tip #1: create an easy to follow policy

A simple set of guidelines for employees to follow is the first step to ensuring that everyone knows what they need to do in order to keep the communal area clean. Feel free to include details, such as:

  • All rubbish should be placed in the bin or in recycling bins
  • All surfaces should be wiped clean after every use
  • The microwave should be wiped down after every use
  • All food in the fridge should be carefully sealed
  • All dishes, mugs and cutlery should be cleaned and put away after every use. The sink should be left clean after every use.
  1. Keep the office constantly clean tip #2: communicate your new policy to all employees effectively

Creating a plan is not enough to keep the office clean. It is about communicating the plan in the most effective way. It might be beneficial to place a sign on the wall in the communal area. Maybe even email every member of the office team so they are aware of the policy. In addition, make it clear that the policy is created to support the employees and therefore it should be respected by everyone.

  1. Keep the office constantly clean tip #3: reward employees who have made a big difference

There are employees who are very supportive of new initiatives. These are the team members who encourage the whole team to take part and therefore contribute massively to the overall implementation of the policy. If you have such office “superstars”, make sure you award them to let them know that you appreciate their efforts.

  1. Keep the office constantly clean tip #4: hire an expert cleaning company

Businesses always look for ways to optimise the way they do things. In order to be profitable, businesses need to invest resources in areas which add to the bottom line. Keeping the communal areas clean might be very nice but too much time spent cleaning takes employees from their core work responsibilities.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company can take care of all of the issues we mentioned above and more. An expert cleaning company will not only clean the workplace but sanitise  your office which will prevent your staff from picking up work place illnesses and taking time off work.

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