office deep cleaning

Office deep cleaning is just one of the ways you can refresh your business premises in a fast and cost efficient way. In the last 25 years, Eco Brite Commercial Cleaning Services have been servicing the office workplaces in Hull and the surrounding area. We have worked with businesses of all sizes and in a number of industries. We deliver exceptional services to small and big businesses alike. Get a quick quote and see if you are paying too much for your office cleaning!

We know all office employees would agree that there is nothing more refreshing than an office deep clean. A cleaner office environment can make a huge difference for everyone in the office.

Office deep cleaning – what would a commercial cleaning company do to deep clean my office?

Here are some of the typical activities, included in an office deep cleaning service

  • Clean all the dirt and dust on every surface, including machines like photocopiers and printers.
  • Clean the carpets, especially in high-traffic office areas so they look clean and fresh. You will be surprised what a difference a clean carpet can make.
  • Skirting boards in high-traffic office areas are often not cleaned as often as they should. A good clean will remove all the dirt and dust making sure they look as clean as possible. Sometimes the little details make the biggest difference.
  • Office washroom floors should be scrubbed to eliminate any unpleasant smell. You might be surprised on how a good floor scrub can help the office smell better!

Eco Brite has been providing office deep cleaning services to business in Hull and the area for the last 25 years.

We support new customers by giving them two special reasons to see how we help them. We introduced “Double your dusting” offer which provides double the amount of cleaning for your first clean so we can make a huge impact on your business from the very first time our operatives clean your business. In addition, we offer new clients 25% off their first consumables order. Find out more about our special offers or get a quick quote today!